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I’m so excited to announce the 2013 Girls Ride Day is all set and ready to happen at Quayside on Sunday June 23rd!  Its been a pretty slow start to the season we’ve postponed by a few weeks, but ladies make sure you get this date in your diary as its going to be awesome!  With some amazing sponsors including O’Neill and Liquid Force lined up there will be great prize give-aways along with a tasty BBQ !

Call 01252 527375 to get your place booked now!

GRD 2013


I’m super excited to be featured in the 2012 Throw It Down Board Guide !

 I remember when I first started riding having to have a boys board as there was such little choice for girls wake boards.  Over the years I’ve seen the huge growth in women’s wakeboarding and this is really reflected in the choice of boards we have nowadays.   If you’re thinking of buying a new board this spring, be sure to check out this awesome guide put together by the gals at Throw It Down 🙂

Got my camera developed!!

I’ve been re-living the Wakestock dream.. can we all go back already?? Continue reading

Wakestock 2011… ask anyone who went and I’m sure they will agree, it was the best ever!  Amazing weather, near-perfect water conditions and a great all round vibe meant that it was truly a weekend to remember. Continue reading

Photo by James McKeown photography

Hey everyone, check out my awesome new setup from Hyperlite!  I’ve been riding this awesome setup for about 3 years now and absolutely love it!

The Syn carries awesome speed into the wake and has all the pop you need. With a variable edge design which rolls from soft between your feet to a sharp cupped rail tip and tail, this board is as quick and responsive as they come. A new feature that strays from traditional Hyperlite shapes however is the Syn’s shorter curved molded in fins. Ending almost two inches from the tip and tail of the board, its just enough fin to know its there and working but nothing to delay release off the wake.


The Syn boots have always been ace, but this year they are the best ever!  No exaggeration, they are the best bindings I’ve ever had!  Designed from the ground up to fit and function for ladies looking to take their riding to the next level, the new Syn has reduced internal volume and a lower cuff to accurately fit a women’s foot and calf. The dual Quick Cinch lace system also allows for fine tuning of boot tension between the upper and lower zones. All of these features are wrapped up on our new Low Pro plate system which puts the rider closer to the deck of the board for maximum feel and control.

Check out this video from Hyperlite, which really explains why the ladies range this year is so ace!  Stoked to be part of the team 🙂

Hey party people,

It’s been a little while since I last posted,  so i’ll start with apologising for my absence… I hope you hav’nt forgotten about me!  I’ve had a pretty busy start to the season, what with starting work full time at Quayside Wakeboard & Waterski, moving to a lakeside residence and of course trying to shred my face off as much as possible 🙂 Continue reading

As far as British winters go, this one’s not been too bad. Now that the ice has broken, and the lakes are starting to open more, there really is no excuse not to get out there. Check out UK riders Sarah Kingdom, Charlotte Bryant and Jules Haley as they get back on the water at JB Ski with a great head-start to a great season ahead.

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