Which is your favourite season?

These photos make it hard to decide don’t they?





Note to self: start taking photos again.

Tonight I will be digging out my Diana Mini 🙂




Syndicate article

Looking though my blog, it seems like its been a pretty boring read of late.  Yes, I’ve been slacking off.  Its coming into winter and I’m starting to go into the inevitable seasonal hibernation.. fire is on, cozy slippers are out, hot chocolate, nights in watching TV series’, hot yummy dinners.  The list could go on…

Whilst things on the wake side have slowed down a notch, i’ve not been completely hiding in the sand, and am stoked with my article about our time at Retallack Wake Park in the latest Syndicate Wake Magazine !

Big love and wintery hugs,

J ♥

Surfdome Radio

Happy tuesday!  

Check out this awesome piece I landed onto the Surfdome website!  Super stoked to have my playlist up there.. have a listen and enjoy!

2013 Hyperlite gear!

I just checked out the super awesome 2013 Hyperlite Catalogue!  SO exicted for the new gear !  I’ve ridden the Syn for years now.. LOVE IT !

Be sure to check it out HERE

Think  I spotted my own name in there too 🙂 Whoop!

My favourite things

I’m feeling the Cornish love this week and am super stoked with my article in the Cornish Guardian newspaper !

Check it out! 🙂


Well, its official.  I always know when Autumn is coming close when I receive my email from O’Neill about getting my order ready for the new season.  At least the blow that summer is ending can be softened by a promise of a whole new wardrobe from my favourite brand 🙂 Continue reading


A few of us went on a super fun little winching trip a few weeks ago! We got some funny footage and despite it being pretty bad quality, I couldn’t see it go to waste! Hope you enjoy the cheesy video! Featuring Adam May, Tino Shaw, Rose Lord, Jules Haley and Jonty Green.

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