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This time of year, there is a question people around the world ask each other over and over;”What do you want for christmas?”

“What do you want for christmas?”     “What do you want for christmas?”           AAARRRGGGHHH !!

So what does anyone really want for christmas?  I personally find it a really hard question to answer.   Continue reading


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

I’ve been a pretty busy bee lately, but in amidst all the madness was my buffday!! 🙂

Hehe… Can you guess my age?

Thanks everyone for all your kind wishes and gifts! And thanks Emily and Tom for my amazing ‘kigu’!!


I’m in love with… my Nalu Beads bracelet 🙂

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 Hey team! 🙂

SOOOO… Whats crackin?  I’ll tell you whats crackin.. I forgot how much I love BLOGGING!!


I’m feeling a little crazy, so sorry for my wierdo start to this post.  First I must apologise for not writing a decent blog in a while.. gosh I’ve been rushed off my little trotters lately.

Well, well, well, what can I say?

It’s been a busy few months for me, summer has gotten off to an awesome start and I’ve pretty much just been spending all my time down at Quayside Wakeboard & Waterski working, riding, and generally loving the busy life.  My riding has been going great, my body is always aching and my wetsuit barely ever has a chance to dry out; but thats just summer right?

On a more serious note, this year my general outlook and attitude towards wakeboarding, myself and my progress as taken a slight shift in direction.  With the help of my amazing coach Phil Mitchell, I’ve come to realise the importance of TRUST.  Without TRUST, we have nothing.  Phil has been pushing me really hard, getting me to try things that never even crossed my mind.  Whilst I’ll always have that instinctive fear which haunts you through learning any new trick, I know that if I can put 100% trust in Phil; believe him when he says I can do it, and believe and trust my own ability, anything is possible.  A moments doubt and you are done.  If you don’t belive you can do it you may as well not even bother trying.

 As well as making me have more faith, Phil has been making me grow some bigger balls…He keeps reminding me that ‘wakeboarding isn’t for wimps’..ha!.. and I so often need to be reminded.. but I think its working…

 ¡¡ʎzɐɹɔ ƃuıoƃ ɯ,I ʞuıɥʇ I

Anyways, I think definitely am going crazy.. either that or just i’m super sleepy.  My bed is calling me… thanks for reading, I LOVE YOU 🙂

x ♥ x

Check out this video of the O’Neill Oneway Runway bikini contest in Ibiza!

O’Neill’s new ‘superkini’ is made from a special material which sticks to your body.  I have worn mine out on the lake a bunch, and there is definitely no more worrying about whether it will slip or slide off and leave me uncovered!  It’s super comfy and a definite must for a summer on the water!

Hey everyone,

Check out this awesome shot I got posted as the monthly cover on!  Huge thanks to the wonderful Paul Buttle for the sweet shot, and of course to Ally for putting it up on the site!

I’m hoping to shoot with Paul some more this year, so watch this space!

Jules ♥

Hey folks,

All you HOT GIRLS (and guys!) should check out the latest from O’Neill, as between April 1st and May 15th the search is on to find the new O’Neill Girl, at Continue reading

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